NAPPS IBSW CHAPTER - ...Nurturing for National Development

[Pst. Adeyemi Kayode]
  • Governors Preparatory School and The Frontrunners College.
    Frontrunners Place, Behind Odutola Industry, Off Odutola Street, Oke-Ado, Ibadan.2003
    Ososami Unit Secretary,2005_2008
    Secretary Southwest LG NAPPS,2008_2010.
    Pioneer Secretary, NAPPS Day Planning Committee, NAPPS, Oyo State.2009_2010
    Secretary, NAPPS,
    Oyo State Dinner and Awards Planning Committee.
    Members, NAPPS, National Education Summit, Communique Drafting Committee.2010.
    NAPPS, Oyo State, Welfare Officer,2010.
    Vice-Chairman, NAPPS, Ibadan SouthWest LG.2010_2014.
    Chairman, NAPPS, Southwest LG, Mock and Awards of Excellence Committee 2010_2014.
    Vice President 1, NAPPS, Oyo State 2013_2015.
    Pioneer Chairman, NAPPS, Oyo State Testimonial Examination Board.2013_2017
    Pioneer Chairman, NAPPS, Ibadan Zone Building Committee.2013_ 2017.
    Member, NAPPS 10year Anniversary Celebration and Awards Committee, LeadCity Ibadan,2016.
    Chairman, NAPPS Day Planning Committee,2013_2017.
    Member, NAPPS, National Conference Communique Drafting Committee, Abuja 2015.
    Vice President 1,
    NAPPS, Oyo State 2015-2017
    Member, NAPPS International Conference Planning Committee and Chairman, Logistics Subcommittee, ABUAD, Ado Ekiti.
    Member,2018. NAPPS,SouthWest Region,Electoral Committee,2019.
    President, NAPPS,  Oyo State,2017_till date.
[Pst. Adeyemi Kayode]
From the Office of the Napps State Chairman

While we celebrate the achievements of our past leaders, of which the present leadership of NAPPS, Oyo State actually played a strategic role in its achievements.

Please let us note that the fact that some of us, are not faithful to our Association in terms of attendance of meetings, participation in Association activities and prompt payment of membership dues, despite enjoying the fruits of our Association labour; do not erode the fact of the many enviable achievements of the present leadership of NAPPS.

Kindly permit me to set the record straight and for the sake of our new members, to highlight the following achievements among many, of the State leadership of NAPPS, building upon the foundation laid by our past leaders.</p>

1. Successful pursuit of the amendment to exclude all Private Schools from payment of 1% of every fee paid to Private Schools by students to the State Education Tax fund.

2. Restriction of the Enforcement of Land Use Charge exorbitant rate served on Private Schools.

3. Stood against payment of excessive Personal Income Tax in millions of Naira served on Proprietors and securing waiver on restriction barring their Schools from presenting Students for WAEC and other External Examination.
4. Removal of Private Schools from paying humongous company Income tax bills served on them by Federal Inland Revenue Service.
5.Sustenance of same Renewal and levy rate payable by Private Schools from 2016 till date. Bringing high rate of Signage levy to a flat rate of #3000 for College and #2000 for Primary.
6.Facilitation of Scholarship to study Educational Management and Administration at the Lead City University, through our Patron; to build members Capacity.
7.Acquisition of 2 Acres of land for building of NAPPS Secretariat and Conference Center, with Architectural drawing and structural engineering plan Approval, secured from the State Bureau of Urban and Physical Planning.Borehole on Site and foundation work ongoing.
8. Acquisition of a new Model of Sienna Space Bus for Secretariat runs.
9.Organisation of Annual Statewide Pry School Leaving Unified Testimonial Examination,to curb Children in lower-class going to Secondary School and providing objective assessment for teachers and Pupils as well as Curriculum effectiveness.
10.Advocacy and sustained pressure on the Government for reopening of Schools and training of members that culminated in Oyo State being the only State, out of 36 States in Nigeria to reopen Schools with friendly guidelines and coming out with clear Academic Calendar, despite stiff opposition from the Federal Government and other Contending forces.
11.Ongoing engagement with the Speaker and leader of the House of Assembly, SA to the Governor on Community Relations, Government Educational Consultant, Commissioner for Education, Secretary to the State Government and the Executive Governor of our dear State for COVID 19 palliatives, interest-free loans and tax waivers for school owners.
12. Resisting undue exploitation of School owners by officers from Government ministries, departments and agencies, especially Environment Officers imposing unrealistic charges on Schools for fumigation.
13.Sustained advocacy and fight against negative public image and narratives about Private Schools and Owners through press releases and interviews on different Communication platforms and media.

In closing, let us note that the task of taking NAPPS to an enviable height requires the collaborative effort of all our members, hence there is need for us to desist from spewing out falsehood and instigating outbursts occasioned by the pressure of the pandemic to sabotage progressive efforts of our Association in fighting for her members. The pandemic already shows clearly that is nowhere we can find the true support and esprit de corp than from our Association. My prayer for all members is that this phase will end in praise for all of us. Many thanks.