NAPPS IBSW CHAPTER - ...Nurturing for National Development

Mrs Ogunye A. O
Let's meet the past chairperson of this great organization (June, 2017- June, 2021)

Mrs Ogunye Adebukola Opeyemi is the proprietress of Ayo. Ola Memorial International School and Firm Foundation college @ Plot 4,5,6 & 7, Ayodele Ogunye street, Elewura Niger West Area, Challenge, Ibadan.

Annex:-Plot 27 & 29,Justice Ayorinde lay out Agara, Odo Ona Elewe, Ibadan.

Phone Number: 08023840165, 08055267580

She is involved in the administration of the school with her husband Mr Ogunye Abiodun Idowu who actually established the school on 12th September 1998.

Mrs Ogunye Adebukola joins Napps in the year 2010 as a member.

In the year 2011, she was elected as the secretary to the Ibadan South-west NAPPS up till May 2017.

She was the secretary to IBSW Mock Examination committee from 2012 to 2016.

She was the secretary to IBSW dinner committee from 2011 to 2016.

In June 2017, she was elected as the chairperson of IBSW local government  up till June, 2021.

Mrs Joseph J.N
Let's meet the past chairperson of this great organization (2011-2017)

Mrs Joseph J.N has been constant in the different eras of National associations of private schools in Oyo State since 1995. She established, The LORD’s Nursery and Primary School.
She joined OSAPRINPS in 1995 before the association became integrated with NAPPS.

From 2007-2011, she served as the Ibadan SW deputy Chairperson under two different chairmen.
In the year 2011, she was then voted in as the Chairperson for Ibadan SW. She then went on to serve multiple terms until 2017.  Under her tenure, Ibadan South West became very active within NAPPS and this led to the creation of 9 new unit which is still functional till date.
Her tenure also saw an increase in unity between the association’s members of which the after-effects still linger on till today. Between 2017-2018, she served as Vice-Chairperson 2 for the NAPPS Ibadan district.
She championed the idea of the Cooperative (Savings and Loans) Society within the LGA.